A practical guide on how to survive the apocalypse


What would happen if modern civilization ended tomorrow? Would you panic or would you have a plan to deal with the aftermath?

Fortunately, this site aims to provide tips on how to survive the apocalypse in whatever form-zombies, aliens, etc. Although no one anticipates such a disaster, it is essential you have survival skills and a plan.

This guide will discuss vital strategies such as shielding yourself in the event of a blast. A blast can cause serious injury and death. Therefore, you will need to protect yourself against the force of the blast in addition to the ensuing radiation and heat.

If possible, seek refuge in a car or basement. Irrespective of how you decide to protect yourself, remember that these suggestions are merely temporary solutions.

We also have a section that discusses how to dress for survival. Once a zombie bites, you, infection occurs. Therefore, protective clothing is essential. Just ensure that your attire leaves room for movement.

Knowing how to survive the apocalypse will also ensure you have the appropriate and sufficient supplies including food.

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